Trays to profile a company - profile advertising, giveaways and gifts

Do you want to give a gift that the recipient keeps rather than throws away? Trays make perfect gifts for clients, suppliers and staff. We help you to adjust the design to your requirements. You decide the shape, colour and design and can of course use your company logotype on the product. Our trays will be just as unique as you want them to be! You provide the message, we provide the product!

Imagine a trade fair. You get heaps of marketing material, often a bagful before the day is out. Most of this is soon gone, the chocolate gifts are soon eaten and the brochures thrown away. But if the gift is a tray with a pretty picture on the front and on the back a greeting from the company that gave it to you. Would you throw it away? The tray is useful and long lasting, it will be kept and used. Maybe it will make you pick up the phone and make that first contact with the company. Now imagine that the company which gave the tray away was your own. And the person picking up the phone was just the client you hoped to meet through the fair."Christian Mörnestedt, CEO, Formpress