The making of a tray is a craft – this is how it is done

The manufacturing of a tray is a genuine craft! Every product is made by hand, one at a time. Thanks to our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff we are able to offer trays and coasters of the highest quality.

The material is carefully chosen

Faner till brickorOur serving trays are made in the traditional way using birch veneer. Every tray consists of several layers of veneer, this can be seen on the edge, and the layers are glued together. Other flat products are sometimes made from veneer, as the trays, but just as often from MDF-materials. Both the veneer and the MDF-materials come from suppliers who are certified to be environmentally aware and use our forests responsibly and with a long-term perspective. You can read more about this under the heading The Environment. Birch veneer is a natural material and just as there are no two identical birch trees the veneer produced from them is not identical either. Variations in colouring and patterning make it a living, beautiful material and one which it is very exciting to work in.

Choose a pattern that inspiresBricka med kaffekoppar

On both the front and reverse of the tray or coaster some sort of pattern is usually applied. It can be paper or fabric. It is up to each customer to choose his or her patter. We are of course happy to help with ideas and advise. We are spending more and more time developing print-outs on our customers behalf. Time and patience is required to achieve the right feel and colouring of the end-product.

From veneer to finished tray

How can making a tray be a craft? In each tray there are between five and eight layers of veneer, between each layer there is a sheet of glue. The craftsman gathers the veneer and glue required, adds the pattern and a protective film on the front and reverse and staples it together. This unassuming little bundle is put into a press and with the help of heat and pressure the bundle is transformed into a tray. The heat in the presses is about 120 degrees Celsius and the pressure is between 150 and 200 bars. Mönster på brickorAfter the pressing some adjustments are needed for the tray to achieve its finished shape. The tray or coaster is put in the cutter and the edges made nice and even. We put each tray singly into the cutter and the trays get a rounded edge. This makes the tray feel nicer to hold and also enhances durability.