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Formpress – your supplier of servingtrays

Formpress is a family business on the island of Öland, situated to the East of the Swedish mainland. It was founded in the Fall of 1996 and the first tray was produced in the following Spring, and trays are still the core of our business. Through the years the products have become more varied and our birch-veneered trays have appeared in an increasing number of variations. The stock has been widened to include products such as coasters, sandwich-trays, table-mats and cutting-boards. Our products are manufactured one by one, by hand, using natural materials. This means that every product that leaves our factory is unique. In short, it is true craftsmanship.

Serving, design and profile-advertising

Our clients are mainly from the Nordic countries, but the number of clients from other parts of the world is increasing. We work together with clients from a wide range of businesses such as industrial kitchens, schools, designers, interior design, gifts, profile-advertising and restaurants. A tray can be put to many uses and by working together with the client to develop their ideas we continuously come up with new versions of our products. Through the years we have made lampshades and wine racks as well as jewellery and nametags.

Trays to suit you

The great advantage of our products is that they give the client the opportunity to present their own pattern in a new or different way. With the client’s pattern as a starting-point we can offer a whole range of ways to develop the product into more shapes. We offer both quality and service, but also a high degree of flexibility. Our skilled craftsmen can make single examples, while at the same time, we have the resources to manufacture large numbers for delivery throughout the world.

New facilities – new possibilities

During the Winter and Spring of 2011 we redeveloped our small factory and today have the privilege to work in new, up-to-date facilities. As we were getting cramped this was necessary if we were to develop as positively as in the past. Formpress today employs about 35 people, two of whom have been here from the very start. To be able to utilise the know-how that helped found Formpress is just as important to us as investing in new knowledge and the dedication that each individual brings into the company. A growing focus on the international market also places new demands on us.