Our products – an environmentally friendly alternative

There are many ways to work for the environment and for a sustainable development. At Formpress we work with a focus on how to minimise our company’s effect on the natural environment and the world we live in. In production we use neither water nor solvents and we are constantly trying to improve by striving to minimise our use of energy and materials as well as cutting the length and number of transports. Whatever waste there is, is recycled.

The components of our products are; birch veneer or MDF, glue and varnish and, most of the time, patterns and paper or fabric.

The wood that is used for veneer and MDF comes either from FSC- or PEFC-certified suppliers i.e. from forests that are cultivated responsibly and with a long term view. For more on these certificates, please see below.

Glue, varnish and decoration consist of melamine-dipped paper. Melamine is an organic compound and used to make our products durable. It is also the melamine that makes them water-resistant. The melamine is tightly bound in our products, something we ensure by having the products undergo a Food Contact Test. For more on these tests, please see below.


FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council which is an independent, international organisation which works with a labelling system, which guarantees that a wood based product uses material from responsibly grown forests. It indicates a social and environmental responsibility for the forests of the world and the people and animals that work and live there. The FSC stamp shows that a product has been made from wood from certified forests.

PEFC stands for the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes and is a global, independent organisation for the evaluation and mutual recognition of national standards of forestry. PEFC takes as its starting point conditions of the small-scale, family-run type of forestry business and is built on national standards of certification adapted to local conditions, in accordance with the guidelines of the international PEFC. PEFC is a guarantee to customers and the public that PEFC certified forests are run in accordance with the rules of sustainable forestry and follows globally accepted ISO Guidelines for certification.

Food Contact Regulation is a set of rules within the EU which exists to make sure those materials that come into contact with food will not emit dangerous substances or in any other way effect the food. To ensure this, so-called Food Contact Tests are performed. A product that has undergone and passed these tests is therefore safe to use in connection with food.

Download our environmental policy (PDF)